Texas Bound - EnerQuip Automatic High Torque Machine

31 July 2017

EnerQuip are delighted to have delivered another - Fully Automatic High Torque Machine, packaged up and en route to Texas – this Next Generation High Torque Machine has been designed with the ever-changing industry requirements for more accurate data, cost and time-saving.
  • Increased stroke offering, Torque by rotating the head approx. 45 degrees (Additional 15 degrees over Std units)
  • Reliable data acquisition through load cells  
  • Low hydraulic working pressure
  • Industry leading advanced control system

The heart of our unit is our Industry leading advanced control system this allows the operator to make up a connection automatically. In automatic mode the machine will clamp – rotate – unclamp – re-stroke the torque rams – and repeat until the connection is made up to the optimum torque. This feature has been proven to increase productivity through the machine.

More information on this unit available here